Changhong Ruba

New Generation Smart DC Inverter Air Conditioners by Changhong Ruba. 

SDH-18EA - Changhong Ruba Air conditioner

Key Features Turbo cooling and heatingDC inverterSmart Remote ControlBigger Indoor (900mm)Auto CleanDouble layer condenser..

Rs. 112,349


Key FeaturesEnergy saving up to 65%Long air throwGolden fins evaporator & condenser100% copper connecting pipeUpgraded condenser copper tube (7mm)Wide voltage range (150V to 260V)Longer air throwA..

Rs. 72,999

SDH- 18FAI - Changhong Ruba Air conditioner

Key Features Heat & cool for use in all seasonsGolden fins evaporator & condenser100% full copper connecting pipeEnergy-saving up to 70%..

Rs. 93,999

SDH-18OCI - Changhong Ruba Air conditioner

Key Features Smart DC  InverterSmart wifiSmart IFeel Remote control4D Air FlowHeat & Cool for use in all seasonsEnergy-saving up to 75%Big Indoor Unit 1025mm..

Rs. 120,999

SDH-18OWI - Changhong Ruba Air conditioner

Key Features Auto StartBigger IndoorWhite Color4D Air FlowSmart wifiSmart IFeel Remote control..

Rs. 116,999
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