Haier Speakers

Haier Speakers


Haier is basically a multinational company that manufactures home appliances and electronics as well. The headquarters of Haier is located in the city of Qingdao in China. The products it manufactures and designs may include televisions, washing machines, microwave ovens, refrigerators, air conditioners, and it also manufactures mobiles as well.

Haier and their satisfied customers

Haier products are way much famous in Pakistan, and most of the people prefer the products of Haier because this company provides the best quality products at a very reasonable rate. Haier was considered to be number one globally in major appliances for 10 years from 2009 till 2018.

Top products of Haier to buy in 2020

There are a lot of products of haier that you can buy in the year 2020. All the products that will be discussed below can be considered the top picks for the year 2020, and all these products are highly recommended. The overall quality and performance of the products are completely satisfying as well.

50 Inches 4k Smart Series LED

If you are looking for a Tv that has got all the features and is big in size, then you can definitely look for Haier 4k Smart Series LED because it has got almost all the features that you want on a smart television.

  • This smart tv comes with android applications. So you can enjoy Netflix, youtube, and many more applications. It also supports screen mirroring so you can connect your phone with it. If you talk about the resolution, it supports 4k so you can watch Ultra HD videos as well. It also supports HDR Decoding.
  • This TV is available in all the retail store's nationwide and the Haier LED Tv price is reasonable and not so high if we compare it with other brands like SONY and SAMSUNG

Haier Inverter Refrigerator

There is a broad range of Haier refrigerators in Pakistan. This Haier fridge is an inverter refrigerator. You might have heard about smartphones and smart televisions, but now, Haier has launched a smart inverter fridge. This refrigerator has got all the features of a regular fridge, and it has got some extras as well.

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Why buy this refrigerator?

Haier Inverter refrigerator comes with one smart touch system. This system allows you to manage the temperature of the fridge, and it also allows you to set modes in the refrigerator. This refrigerator has got the ability of 100 hours of cooling retention, which will obviously keep your food fresh and healthy.

Sensors of this refrigerators

This inverter refrigerator comes with 4 sensors for the purpose of cooling. Apart from all these features, the Haier refrigerator is a power-saving fridge. Yes.. you will not believe, but this fridge comes with the feature of saving power. It saves up to 60 percent of electricity. 

From where we can get this fridge from

You can buy this fridge from any outlet of haier, and you can also buy this from different retailers as well. The price of this inverter fridge is quite higher if we compare it with the price of other company's refrigerators, but it is worth it to buy one in the year 2020.


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