Installments Procedure

  1. Signup on the RD Website to create your Customer Profile.
  2. Fill out the following Forms Online through your Profile & Submit Online.
    • Installments Application Form
    • Installments Agreement Form
    • Promissory Note

  3. Upload the Following Documents & Submit Online
    • CNIC copy
    • CNIC copies of Guarantors
    • Latest Electricity Bill
    • Proof of Income
    • Bank Statement from Last 6 Months
    • Personal Security Cheque

  4. Once your Application for Installments is Approved you will be notified via email, SMS and phone call from your nearest RD Branch.
  5. You will you will need to physically visit your nearest RD Branch once.
  6. Terms & Conditions.
    • 1 Guarantor and his CNIC copy, signature & thumb impression if product amount is less than Rs. 30,000
    • 2 Guarantors guarantee with their CNIC copyies signatures & thumb impressions if product amount is greater than Rs. 30,000
    • Physical verification from credit officer if product amount is greater than Rs. 80,000


  1. RD management reserves the right to reject an application/Order request for any reason whatsoever.
  2. The process will start after submission of all the required documents from the applicant.
  3. Advance Payment must be through crossed cheque/bank draft /online transfers.
  4. Deliveries will be made after the confirmation of the Advance being received only.
  5. In case the provided cheque cannot be drawn due to insufficient funds in the applicant’s account, visit charges of PKR. 500/- against cheque 000 bounce have to be paid to the collection officer.
  6. In case applicant withdraws his/her application after signing the agreement and paying advance payment, service charges of Rs. 1,500/- will 000 be paid by the applicant.
  7. Product Warranty will be claimed directly by the concerned Brand or from its Authorized Service Center according to the standard warranty 000 conditions of the Brand.
  8. In case of (Laptops) International Warranty, the customer will contact Installment RD and will pay one side courier charges to claim the 000 000 International Warranty.
  9. RD is not providing any insurance coverage / facility on any item.
  10. In case an item supplied is not working after the delivery, customers must inform within 48 hours of the delivery
  11. Motorcycles registration charges are to be paid by the applicant as per the current schedule of charges
  12. Motorcycle Insurance is the responsibility of the applicant and has to be paid by the applicant. It is highly advisable to ensure the motorcycle 000 before bringing it on the road.